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Dear America, Own Your Shit

Dear America,

We have a problem. A long-standing, festering, cancerous, disease-on-our-heart kind of problem. I won't mince words with you, I won't sugar coat or ease you into the light because we've all had plenty of time to look it in the face and say "this is who we are."

America, we are racists.

From the founding to the 45th, we've been racists. We built the country on it. We advanced industry on it. We brutalized, murdered, segregated, and excused paying lower wages because of it. We've started wars over it and burned churches, houses, and entire cities to the ground because you guessed it, we're fucking racists.

Now look in the mirror, and own it.

Own slavery. Own segregation. Own Jim Crow. Own lynchings. Own gerrymandering. Own the wage gap. Own unjust targeted prosecution and incarceration (the new slavery). Own the tone-deaf support of #AllLivesMatter. Own police brutality. Own accepting the racist rhetoric that led to the election of a leade…

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