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The Sound and The Feeling - Broken

I stumbled upon this gem during the closing scene of one of my regular TV shows. I snatched up my phone and opened up SoundHound to figure out just what I was hearing. Snagged it, added to playlist. Cut to today, Saturday. Amid all the miscellaneous chores and working from home, I decided it was far to glorious outside to spend it all inside.

Shortly thereafter I find myself soaking in the hot tub under a vibrant blue sky, the budding green leaves of Spring swaying in the cool breeze that washes over me as I sip a Fresca and relax away a busy week. I sit back and soak, clearing my mind as my “SoundHound History” playlist rolls along in the background and the water bubbles around me. And there in that quiet personal moment I find myself in contemplation. A lot has been going on, but it’s the old wounds that are bubbling to the surface today. And then, as cosmically ordained as anything could be, Broken by Patrick Watson begins to play, and I’m taken by its softly spoken melancholy. Wo…

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